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With the continuous development of our modern life, in a sense, our living standard has taken a qualitative leap. This is not only the result of the continuous efforts of our Chinese people, but also the result of the continuous efforts of our science and technology. Therefore, we have different concepts for the continuous demand and application of various substances There are more different ideas and application concepts for beautiful things. In recent years, the development of China’s industry has been very rapid, which has provided great development opportunities for China’s production industry.

With the continuous development of Internet e-commerce, it has brought a tremendous impact on the operation of manufacturers. Under such a background environment, if manufacturers want to maintain their competitive advantage in a step-by-step press, they need to make changes in the three aspects of users, marketing and management. Only by keeping pace with the development of the times will it not be eliminated by the market.

1. Subvert the traditional marketing model
From selling products to selling services, advertising and promotion became network marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. At the same time, it subverted the sales process. In the past, the payment was the end of sales, and now it is the beginning of sales. Because the payment back no longer simply means the sale of the product, but you have the information of a customer, you should track this information and continue to develop resources.
2. Innovative management concepts
In the past, large-scale operations, as long as the order can achieve low cost and high yield, but can not retain customers forever. Now is the era of Internet development where prices are transparent, leading to high costs and low profits, and the misery of manufacturers, leading to the death of non-innovation, and fear of innovation. The external environment faced by manufacturers of hose clamps is becoming increasingly complex, and the difficulty of operation is increasing. This difficult period puts higher demands on marketing. How to implement the requirements of management transformation and sales improvement, combined with the management practices of manufacturers, hose clamp manufacturers need to establish an Internet concept, implement a “reducing operating costs” strategy, and build a “big analysis” system, so as to achieve a faster adaptation to the 3. environment The strategy is more strongly supported.
The management will guide more actively and reduce risks more effectively.
The development of Internet e-commerce has made many hose hoop companies compete to catch up with the “fast train” of e-commerce, and hose hoop manufacturers stand up to the impact of e-commerce with their unique advantages, so hose hoop companies are developing online channels At this time, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the construction of offline channels, so that each manufacturer can keep up with the development of the times, so as to enable enterprises to go further.

Post time: Apr-10-2020