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Mika (Tianjin) Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd

Mika (Tianjin) Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd is located in tianjin-one of the four municipalities directly under the government of the People's Republic of China,Tianjin is the strategic fulcrum of the maritime silk road,The intersection of One Belt And One Road. The government clearly positioned international integrated transportation hub.
We provide reliable and high quality pipe clamp products,ensure non-leakage seal,application areas include:automotive, military, air intake systems, engine exhaust systems, cooling and heating systems, irrigation systems, industrial drainage systems.We have a first-class sales, design, production, aftersale team,Our company has nearly 100 employees, among them, there are 15 pre and after sales, 8 technicians (including 5 senior engineers), We have a sunny, pragmatic, upward company culture.
We also provides one-on-one professional services. From the packaging to supplying, both followed the standard operation and technical informations are provided.
The founder Mr. Zhang Di, with nearly 15 years of experience, constantly delving into the essence of connection technology, and innovative consciousness. Steady expanded the company , output value. Successfully made the product categories continuely increased. Due to our strong technical force, perfect production process and precision mold to create a high cost performance, perfect testing equipment, strictly control the quality of the process has realized the product quality management standardization, the procedure, the systematization, ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.
You are very welcomed to come and visit our plant on site.

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