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With the development at domestic and abroad, the common types of hose clamps in foreign markets are now saturated, and the consumption of hose clamps is very large, especially the common types. However, with the development of technology, especially in the past two years, the domestic market has approached saturation, leading to fierce market competition. Some manufacturers even waged price wars, leading to the chaos in the entire market, which is not conducive to the development of the entire industry. In fact, it is easy to understand the current situation by analyzing the current situation The reason for this situation.

Although the beginning of the domestic hardware market is relatively early, the development in the later period can not keep up. In terms of common types, there is almost no gap with international products. Even the production cost is relatively low, and the price advantage is not. You can only make profits according to the quantity, in terms of advanced technology. The  current market development is mainly due to the development of the domestic key technology, but high-end products have always been a blank, which is insufficient to meet market demand.

The gap with the international market is indeed relatively large. The backwardness of many processes leads to the lag of technological development, and the products cannot meet the high precision requirements of current machinery and engineering. All enterprises cannot speculate, they have to guarantee the high quality of their products, and must not viciously compete to disrupt market product trends. To develop the current market, they need solve fundamental problems from science and technology. Under the circumstances, the development of science and technology can make the enterprise in an invincible position in the current rapid development. There are no difficulties to survive, only the incompetent people withdraw, “innovation” will always be the firm mission of our hose manufacturer!

Post time: Apr-10-2020